Those regulations apply to all participants. This translation is provided out of courtesy, only the French version can be considered the official regulation and applied in front of courts

Art 1 :

The Beer Lovers’ Marathon is an event reserved only to nice people who want to make sport and have fun.

Art 2 :

Runners must be dressed in costumes to fully participate and enjoy the atmosphere.

We insist you read Article 1 Again! 🙂

Article 3 : The runner commits to our Ethics charter:

The beer Lovers Marathon kindly asks all participants (runners, friends, family, and others) the apply the following ethic rules:

  • Protect the environment: We have created a track that shows you the most beautiful monuments of the city and runs through some green tracks! We are proud to welcome you in our city and want to keep it clean. Do not throw anything on the ground. Trash cans are available along the track. Keep your trash with you until the next stop (max 3km)
  • Respect the public road and nature by using the toilets reserved for you along the track. All stops have toilets at your disposal.
  • Don’t CHEAT. Before, during or after the race. It’s mandatory to complete the full track of 42km. Check points will be installed. Only the runners who validated all check points will receive a medal and access to the after party.
  • Don’t leave the marked track of the marathon, only if asked by the organization or police.
  • If possible, use public transport to join the starting line. The start is 10m away from the main bus stop and 10m away from the Liege-Guillemins station
  • Provide assistance help to any people in need. A marathon is a tough exercise! If you cross another runner in pain, tell him a joke, make him laugh and motivate him to continue! If necessary, ask the help of the red-cross team.
  • Show respect to others, runners to let them enjoy as much as you, volunteers as they are working for your enjoyment, audience as they came to cheer you up and the Police officers as the work for your safety.
  • Contribute to make the Beer Lovers’ Marathon a fun, festive moment. (again please, read article 1 🙂 )

 Article 4: Registrations

  • Registrations can only be done via the online form available via this website on the Time2Race platform.
  • Registrations are confirmed by email once the amount of your participation has arrived on the bank account of the organization.
  • The BIB Number is nominative and cannot be transferred to another person without approval of the organization (see below)
  • The race is open to all runners BORN BEFORE 20 MAY 2005.
  • Number of runners is limited to the 2,500 first registered runners
  • The registration fee is 90 Eur for all runners
  • The list of registered runners can be found on this website and will be updated at least every 15 days.
  • Potential bank fees/transfer fees during the registration are charged to the runners.
  • Your registration is definitive and will never be refunded.

Article 5 : BIBS

  • BIBS can be withdrawn on Saturday May 20st from 2pm to 6pm and on Sunday 21nd from 7am to 8am.
  • No BIB will be sent via post.


It is forbidden to give your BIB to another person without the approval of the organisation. Any person giving his BIB will be hold responsible in case of accident created or occurred by this person. The organisation declines all responsibilities in case of accident in this situation. Furthermore, the BIB need to be fully readable during the entire race.

Bibs exchange stop 1 week before the event as the organization has to finalize the list of registered runners.

Article 7 : Image rights

Every runner authorizes the organisation, the Beer Lovers’ Marathon and BR-EVENT NPO to use, make use, reproduce or make reproduce his name, his image, his voice captured during the event of the Beer Lovers’ Marathon and for an unlimited time.


Beer Lovers’ Marathon is organized in collaboration with the city of Liège. the police ensure that appropriate security measures are taken to guarantee the security of the runners and the audience during the event.

The red cross will be present to guarantee the medical first aid along the race. The red-cross can decide to disqualify a runner for medical reasons. Runners evaluated drunk can also be disqualified by the organisation.

The BIB will be taken away and the runner will not be allowed to take part in the race. A runner who would continue the race, will do it under his own responsibility. The organizer cannot be hold responsible in case of accident or any other problem

We remind you that alcohol abuse is bad for your health!

Article 9 : TIME LIMITS

Finish line will be closed 6 hours 30 min after the beginning of the race. After 6h30min you will not be ranked and there will be no more supplies at the aid stations.

Several time limits will be placed on the race to ensure an appropriate pace is kept to allow you to reach the finish line on time.

After the “last runners” the race will be closed and roads reopen to car traffic. All runners behind the last runners will be disqualified and their BIB will be taken away.

A runner who would continue the race, will do it under his own responsibility. He will have to follow the regulations applying to pedestrians (traffic signs and red lights, etc) . The organizer cannot be hold responsible in case of accident or any other problem


Bicycles, motor bikes and other machines with an engine are not allowed on the track. Only the ones with an official authorization are allowed.

Article 11 : TRACK

The track makes 42.195 km, as an official marathon. Start will be given on May 21nd, 2022 at 9:30am from the Athenée de Fragnée. Finish line will be on the same place.

The track is defined by the organisation in collaboration with the Police. Runners must conform with the instructions of the police at all time. We also advise runner to respect the road regulation.

Runners MUST BE CAREFULL while crossing the rail tracks and road crossings. It is important to obey the police orders in this case for your own safety and the safety of others. We remind you that crossing rail tracks or refuse to obey the police can lead to legal prosecutions.

Article 12 : SHOWERS

Warm cabin showers will be at your disposal in the Runners Village.

Article 13 : TOILETS

Toilets will be present at Start/Finish line and at least every 5 km on the tracks. Please make use of them and respect the nature. The organisation is doing a specific effort to keep them clean for you.

Article 14 : PRIZE

Prize ceremony will be hold in the runner village after the race. Will be granted a prize: 1st to 3rd fastest man runner, 1st to 3rd fastest woman runner, and the 1st to 3rd best costumes.

All runners who have accomplished the entire marathon (all check points) within the time limit will receive a medal and have access to the after party with drinks and food.

Article 15 : JOGGER PACK

Each runner will receive a runner pack containing

  • The textile of the year
  • The BIB
  • A belt and the UNIQUE glass of the marathon. This glass needs to be attached to the belt and runners must keep it during the entire race. All beers and water will be poured in it. NO OTHER GLASS WILL BE PROVIDED

Article 16 : TASTINGS and FOOD

The beer tastings and food are offered by our partners so that you to enjoy the race and be motivated. As a mark of respect to our partners, please take the time to enjoy our craft beers and limit your consumption. Runners evaluated drunk will be disqualified by the organisation.

Article 17 : INSURANCE

Public Liability:

The organization is covered by an insurance for public liability for its members and participants to the race. The insurance will only cover the incidents that can be caused due to the participation in the sport event. A copy of the insurance can be delivered on demand.

Private accident insurance: The organisation recommends all participants to subscribe to a private insurance covering their eventual personal damages caused by their own behavior during the event.

Material damages: The organisation cannot be hold responsible for any damages (theft, loss, breaking,) of your private goods, even if we are temporarily holding them. participants cannot claim damage to the organisation.

Article 18 : CANCELLATION:

In case of cancellation of the event due to major force (force majeure) or any other reason above the willingness of the organisation. They will not be hold responsible and no refunding will take place.

Article 19 : COURTS:

In case of law suit, only the courts of Liège are competent

Article 20 : ACCEPTANCE

Participating in the marathon implies that you agree with the regulations. Participants will not file complaints against the organizers.

Article 21: CONGRATS

You read it all! Congratulation, this is the demonstration of a high level of motivation! See you on May 22nd!