SAVE THE DATE: 22/05/2022


Made in Belgium

16 belgian beers and many local products


A unique festive atmosphere


The mythical distance of the marathon: 42,195km

Our vision

Is having fun, running and laughing really incompatible? Our Beer Lovers’ Marathon is exactly at this crossroad!

The great challenge we set ourselves 6 years ago is to offer a race that helps you to meet your “marathon” challenge! Every hero, from the first to the last one, will experience tons of surprises throughout the race, to help him/her reach this 42.195 km goal.

And if that’s not enough to convince you, talk to your friends, because at the Beer Lover’s Marathon running can also be a team sport.

The marathon

Who has never finished a 15 or 20km race saying “a marathon NEVER !”???

Are you certain? Anyone who can finish a 15 or 20 km race has done more than 70% of the work to achieve this mythical distance. And the Beer Lovers’ Marathon is a unique opportunity to run a marathon without pressure, and where everyone encourages each other to finish.

Every year the BLM welcomes 30% of participants who run their first marathon… so why not you?

The pit stops are numerous (between 15 and 20) and give you energy thanks to our belgian specialties, the various music and the smiles of our volunteers who also try to make sure you cross the finish line! Not forgetting the runners’ costumes, which will offer you some distraction while running between two stops!

Weekend schedule

The Beer Lovers’ Marathon experience starts on Saturday and ends on Monday: pasta party, children’s entertainment, guided tour of the city, and much more.

Pricing grid

All registrations are made via the secure Time2Race platform.

Theme 2022

The theme of next edition will be the 90’s !


Aftermovie 2017 (theme Fruits & Veggies)


Aftermovie 2021 (theme Circus)

Amazing brewers and beers

Here is the complete list of beers for the 2021 edition. The 2022 map is not yet finalised. We will let you know as soon as possible!


Join us as volunteer !

The organisation of the Beer Lovers’ Marathon is entirely voluntary.

Every year we look for new people to complete and strengthen the teams.

Want to join us in this crazy project?

Contact us via: !

Training sessions in Liège

We offer the Run in Liège (RIL) to support the preparation of marathoners living in the Liège region. The RIL offers at least one training session per day!

Discover the city of Liège

Visit the website of “La Maison du Tourisme du Pays de Liège”. You will find all the information you need to enjoy your stay in the city of Liège.

“I haven’t missed a single edition since the beginning, and this race is crazy every time!”

Matthew – 5 time finisher !

“Participating as a volunteer is an unforgettable experience. It’s crazy to see the motivation and energy of all these runners dressed up.”

Claire – volunteering since 2016

“Every year, the founders of the Beer Lovers’ Marathon get Liege and the participants moving. A superb organisation that we brewers do not want to miss under any circumstances. It’s a pleasure to celebrate with the marathoners by letting them taste our beers. We look forward to 22 May 2022!”

Vincent – brewery Sainte Nitouche

Prêt à relever le défi ?